Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects general principles and values of our company, identifies us and relies on high human values. This philosophy finds its real meaning in the activities relating to the company’s functions in various directions.  Our philosophy is directed at various activities of our company. Another meaning of our philosophy shows that we take responsibility for the company’s arrangements and activities and defines our world view. Our philosophy reflects our attitude and approach towards human factor, quality, health, environment, technology, ethics, clients and justice.

Company’s philosophy: compliance of our work and activities with the God’s assent.

Our principal goal is to serve mankind.
Our principal goal is mankind’s happiness.
Our principal principle is justice and fairness.
Our principal point of attention is our customers.
Our most significant value is our employees.
Our most important direction is general quality.
Our best publicity is your confidence in us.

Our philosophy consists of 19 principles:

    • Adherence to traditions – this principle relies on combination of human values and moral sense of the East with technologies of the West, of our ancient traditions with new technologies.
    • Activity – our company does not import or export products which may harm people, such as alcohol, tobacco and weapons. It cares for the health of people. No substances which may be harmful to health are used in the production. Our company aims at producing and providing useful products respecting the environmental system of the world. Taking into account up-to-date technologies, we serve people by bringing human health to the forefront.
    • Quality – our principle of quality is built on the basis of development and improvement, and our responsibility towards our customers. Our aim in terms of quality is to improve the quality of our products and services within the frameworks of international standards which would allow the company to participate actively in international market while keeping and strengthening our leading position at the domestic market.
    • Justice and fairness – we are always on the side of justice and fairness. We simply guarantee the work we will be able to perform. We perform the responsibility which we undertake. We believe that there must be justice within a person first and then it should project to the surroundings. Therefore, we try to build justice within ourselves first. We do not consider acceptable for others things which we do not consider acceptable for ourselves.
    • Equality – all members of our company are entitled to equal rights regardless of religion, race, nationality and social status. Each member relies on support and respect of others. We are always capable of sharing our expertise with each other. We always take into account opinions and complaints of our customers and employees. We always give priority to fair and modest people.
    • Mutual respect – mutual respect serves the basis of relations between the employees of our company and between us and our customers. We respect each other’s principles and sense. Others’ opinions are as important for us as our own opinions. We are open to seeking specialization.
    • Social benefit – we consider social benefit as the basis of the company’s activities. We always strive to meet our customers’ wishes by improving our products, services and technologies.
    • Ethics – our relations with the society are based on human and ethical principles. We respect people of all ages and generations and act with due respect to the elders.
    • Respect to environment – we pay attention to environment and its protection in our production and all other activities. Our goal is to create pure environment for future generations.
    • Benevolence – our company carries out its activity with a view to help children, which are the future of our society, get education and have normal way of life. Helping lonely people and providing parental care and attention to orphans is our principle of life.
    • Legality – we respect the laws of the country where we work and serve and carry out our activities within legal frames.
    • Being a company – our company has a multifaceted and complex form. It is managed by only systemic mechanisms without sacrificing its internal balance and integrity, respecting human value and taking into account changes in the world.
    • Casting – a company must have a strong foundation in order to have sustained achievement. Taking into account constant need to changes and improvements, necessary changes are made within the company. The company’s activities are reviewed annually, i.e., new goals are set and necessary systems are built.
    • Responsibility – we act knowing what is our responsibility from the perspective of our buyers and trustworthiness of our products. This responsibility for the results of our relations with the customers relates to the compliance of products and services produced and provided by us to the customers’ demands. Our responsibility towards ourselves is the responsibility to preserve the confidence that we gained to date through glorious way of activities.
    • Proper competitor – we compete with our rivals only within legal and trade methods. Avoiding any slander and falsehood against them, we work in honorable and ethical environment. We see competitive environment as a competition of perfection and are always ready for such competition.
    • Appreciation of confidence – full and timely performance of obligations is a guarantee of gaining perfect reputation and trust. We appreciate entities and people whose confidence we have and are always ready to protect such confidence just as we gained it. We specifically value mutual confidence.
    • Team spirit – we do not see our activities as activities of one person but perceive them as team work. Our entity highly values our team and pays specific attention to maintaining team spirit. The team guarantees strive for perfection and empathy (an individual’s putting himself or herself into the position of another person and seeing and feeling the events from such other person’s perspective). We avoid “I” and adhere to “We” philosophy and believe in achieving every success as one family.
    • Know-how technology – our entity pays special attention to new technologies and follows all events happening in this field in compliance with international standards. Investing in new technologies is one of the most important directions of our investments. People who improve themselves in this know-how field and apply novelties in the company are our future.
    • Perfection – we seek perfection in every matter of our activities. Our entity is directed at improvement and perfection of the quality of our products and services. We know that the path to the apex of perfection is difficult and severe. But we do not refrain from this path as we are purposeful and ready to advance in this direction.

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